Precinct Health, a division of the Precinct Group, is a doctor-led health and wellness company which recognises employers’ needs and aims to assist businesses and individuals to make health and wellness a top priority. Our solutions are designed to reduce health care costs, increase productivity, reduce absenteeism, enhance employee morale, attract and retain high-quality employees and create a positive return on investment.

Our experience and expertise allow us to provide high quality services. This is backed by attention to detail in the design of our systems and processes, and in how we deploy technology to enable seamless interaction with our clients. We take pride in our highly trained professional staff and sincerely believe in service excellence.

We are a proudly black-owned and managed company!


Precinct Health assists you to understand the relationship between health and the workplace, which is fundamental to business success. Your employees are your greatest asset and when working to their optimal ability, can contribute significantly to the success of your business. It therefore makes good business sense to take care of your employees by ensuring legal compliance and fostering a culture of greater commitment, efficiency and productivity through healthy workplace practices.


At Precinct Health, we work with our clients to develop solutions for their wellness programs. We believe that every employee is valuable; however, often if a key person is missing from the business due to ill health it can have a damaging effect on the business. Executives and managers are often those who are most affected by work related stress and ill health. Precinct Health provides state-of-art facilities to perform personalized, holistic and multi-disciplinary assessments aimed at establishing individuals’ risk profile and assisting with behavior changing solutions. Establishing a life-long relationship with our clients is our top priority.


Managing employee wellness can be challenging for most companies, particularly those operating in the mining, manufacturing and construction industries. Navigating the ever-changing regulatory landscape can be daunting. At Precinct Health, we believe that our experience and expertise enable us to assist companies to move from states of vulnerability to resilience in the healthcare continuum.


Global travel is on the increase as a result of globalization. This has the potential to expose many people to a range of health risks. Many of these risks can be minimized by precautions taken before, during and after travel. Precinct Health provides comprehensive travel health services that include; pre-deployment assessment, disease information, vaccinations, general precautions, intra-travel advice and post-travel assessment and debriefing.